Thursday, 15 March 2012

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Dating as all know is just two people getting to know each other better.They may remain
friends after dating or continue thier relationship into a new one called marriage.Here is my story how i met my husband through online dating.
I was just 16.The age where infactuation and attraction is at its peak.I somehow ended up at a browsing center one day for my college assignment and
logged into my social network id.I browsed through and got a friend request when i was online.I din't know the person but we had lot of mutual friends.
So whats the harm in adding i thought.Must be someone who just wants more friends in their lista like everybody else.

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And then later on i figured it was my senior from college.We kept in touch lots through offline messages, just a casual conversation and started sharing interests.
When something clicked we exchanged phone numbers.Had long hours of late night conversations as i had college in the morning and he used to work for an mnc.
Late one night we ended up fighting and that was it! The End you can say.It was kiddish thinking now.But we never spoke to each other for 5 or more years.
Time passed.My folks were searching a groom for me and guess who was in queue first.Yes same old friend! We ended up getting married as i was not affraid he was a
stranger and we both still laugh at our fight and are happily married with a baby boy.All thanks to the netqorking site and dating is fun guys.Try it out!
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